What to do If showing 005 error code on Roku – Roku Com Link Help

Are you facing Roku Error Code 005 issue while using Roku device?

error code

As the Roku error code 005 generally arises when the host is not reachable or you can say that when a client is not able to communicate with the web server.

In addition to this, other errors also arise while dealing with the Roku Error Code 001, 003, 009, 011, 014 etc. Note that, mostly the above errors arises due to the network security key that is if it is not compatible properly with the Roku streaming player.

So, in order to resolve this problem, you must need to change the network security mode of your wireless router. For this, either take help from the Roku support or do it yourself by following the below steps:

Steps for changing the network security mode:

  • First of all, login to the WIFI router page.
  • Now, in this, you can use the “ipconfig” command in the “command prompt” in order to find the “default gateway”.
  • In the router page, enter the valid username and password for your router.
  • As after login to your router page, you are able to see your router interface.
  • So, in the interface select the “wireless setup”.
  • Once performing all the above steps, you have to find the security type in the router interface. So, try to change the security type to different modes.
  • Now, choose a different mode and finally “save” the option.
  • Finally, at last, restart your Roku device again and activate roku com link.

All the above steps will help you in changing the network security mode.

Steps to resolve Roku error code 005:

The steps for resolving the roku error code 005 are as under:

  • First of all, you need to check the response time of your web server.
  • For this, go to your browser in order to browse your site.
  • If your web server responds quickly then 005 error code shows you some kind of“spike”.
  • So, if the web server is not responding quickly then you must go to the Roku Technical Support for the solutions.
  • Roku Com Link Help & Support will definitely provide you support from their highly skilled and well experienced technical expertise and resolve different types of Roku Codes issues & errors.

The best Roku private channles | Roku channel store


  1. My Channels (My Channels)

My channel is the little bit different among all other channels. As this channel allows you to organize or to manage your Roku private channels list in a proper well design manner. This also helps you to add and set channels to your favorite ones.

2. Great Chefs (great chefs)

As the name describes that it is one of the cooking channels. So, the great chef is one of the cooking show which provides you the amazing cooking recipes for your experience.

3. Popular Science (Popular Science):

This channel always helps you to know more and more regarding all those popular things that can happen ever. It shows you both the past and the present information.

4. Neon Party Games (H2CLHP):

The Neon Party Games offers you the full selection of games. Moreover, you can easily experience or play these games on your TV using the Roku box. Also, this channel produces the fabulous results in the same sense you are expecting.

5. Al Jazeera (Aljazeera English)

This is one of the English news channels. Moreover, al-Jazeera channel is always open. With this, you are able to watch the news at any time. You can say that it is one of the reliable and the best news channel among all another channel.

5. Dream Catchers Multimedia (XRGPXN)

This is one of the new brand channels. The Dream Catchers Multimedia channel emphasis on short films, documentaries, and the foreign films. In addition to this, every day the new content is added on this channel.

6. Capital TV (Capital TV)

The capital TV is one of the entertainment channels that provides you the live stream TV channels and movies. Also, it provides you with the 24*7 music.

7. Space-Time (CN6MRTG)

This channel is one of the best streaming NASA channels. This channel provides you the streaming content from NASA. Moreover, it also provides you information related to the Solar System, Travel, Historical, Deep Sky, Space, and Astrophysics.

8. Goats Live (GoatsLive)

This is one of the live channels which provides you complete information about goats. This is same as a YouTube channel. It was recently added to earth Cam’s “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2015”. Get more information about Roku private channels you can contact at Roku com link

Roku mobile app

Get Roku mobile app:-

You can easily use Roku mobile app by installing it from the play store or app store. It supports both IOS and Android devices. Like other apps, download the Roku mobile app on your Smartphone. For the installation kindly perform some simple steps:

Roku app-min

  1. First of all, connect your mobile phone and Roku player to the same internet connection.
  2. You will find many network connections with the same name but you are recommended to check it properly then connect it to the internet.
  3. Next, go to the play store of your mobile phone and write down the Roku mobile app.
  4. You will get the searches related to Roku. Click on the Roku mobile app.
  5. See its storage, features then click on the install
  6. After the installation, you will face many new and latest features you didn’t use before.
  7. You will also find various latest and updated movies, shows. If you enjoy them privately then use the headphone jack feature.

What to do when a Roku device doesn’t display in the recovery screen:-  

You can also get this failure when you have missed something important like-

  • You have not connected your mobile phone and Roku device to the same network.
  • Your Roku device is using the public IP address.
  • Make sure your Roku device is not connected to same VPN network, to which others are also connected and create traffic on it.

Resolving steps: – To remove this problem you have to follow very basic criteria. And some steps also.

  • Click on connect manually and enter the IP address of your Roku device. You will see this option at the bottom of the discovery screen.
  • Visit settings and then Network to get the IP address.
  • Next, restart your Roku streaming player.
  • With this, also restart the Roku mobile app by following one of the options written here.
  1. On the Android device, click on the recent button and then swipe Roku app to close it. Once it has been closed, press the Roku app icon to launch.
  2. On the other hand, on the IOS devices press 2 times home button and then swipe to close it.

Follow these steps and resolve your issues. If you feel any trouble during installation of Roku mobile app then feels free to call us visit us at https://www.rokucomlinkhelp.com. We have an expert technical team, will guide and provide you full detail and information about Roku mobile app.

Similarly, our well-certified technicians will also provide you step by step guidance for Roku.com/link.


How to connect my phone to Roku TV?

Roku TV is also a smart TV with built-in apps and various services. Roku TV is used for display or Stream your data from your Smartphone, Tablets or laptops via the internet connection. Roku TV provides user 1000+ channels including Hulu Plus, Netflix and more. It also provides Radio as well as music services.

Screen mirroring roku

Are you looking for easy way to connect with your phone? Then Android or windows user can easily connect with Roku TV and also stream their content on the Roku TV.

You just want setup your Roku TV as well as your Phone.

Important Note:

  • While connecting, make sure that your Phone and Roku TV are connected to the same network.
  • Screen Mirroring does not supported iOS or Apple devices, or running on Google devices OS 6.0 or later.

Screen mirroring on Roku device:

Screen mirroring is done on Roku device with the help Roku comparison chart in order to determine which Roku device is supported Screen mirroring because Screen mirroring is not supported for all Roku devices. There are some steps in order to enable Screen mirroring:

Screen mirroring on roku

  • First of all press home button from a remote.
  • Go to settings option.
  • Select system option under settings.
  • At last, Choose Screen mirroring option
  • Click on Enable Screen mirroring.

NOTE: If Screen mirroring option is not in available under the system that means your Roku device does not support Screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring on your Android device:

If you are using Android version 4.2 or later then it likely supports Screen mirroring. Here is some terms are used to set up and enable Screen mirroring on Android devices:

  1. Quick connect
  2. Smart view
  3. Smartshare
  4. Cast
  5. Screencast
  6. HTC connect
  7. Wireless display

When you found the term used by a manufacturer of your Android device. Screen mirroring enabled in Android device using these steps:

  • Choose setting menu
  • Often cast, connection and display submenus
  • And also refer documentation of your device.

Enabled Screen mirroring on Windows devices:

In order to enable Screen mirroring on windows devices used these simple steps:

  • For windows 10
  • Click on action center
  • Choose project option
  • Select connect to wireless display option
  • At the last, select your Roku device and follows on screen instructions.

To learn more about Roku’s latest news and features contact us https://www.rokucomlinkhelp.com

Guidelines for roku.com/link account activation

Before activating roku.com/link account, you can setup Roku player. See the instructions to setup Roku streaming player.

images (8)

Setup your Roku:

Follow the guidance for the Roku streaming player setup.

  • Check your packed Roku streaming box
  • It should contain some belongings such as HDMI/composite cable, AC adapter, Roku remote control, power batteries
  • Now attach Roku device to TV
  • Use HDMI/composite cable for the connection
  • Switch on your Roku player
  • And see the home screen
  • Now pair your remote with the Roku streaming player
  • Insert the power batteries first into the Roku remote control
  • Select your language for the input
  • After that, connect Roku streaming device to the web connection
  • Chose your network and enter your network password to access
  • Wait for a while, Roku download the latest software
  • After downloading the software, it will automatically start the reboot process
  • Wait for the restart
  • Check the Roku link code on the home screen
  • And proceed to the roku activation

Steps to Setup roku.com/link account activation:

  • You have to open roku.com/link for the account activation
  • You can use your laptop or computer system for the activation
  • Enter your Roku link code here and click on submit
  • Now you have to login or create new Roku account
  • Provide the necessary information to create Roku account
  • After that, you can choose your payment method
  • Create your security transaction PIN for secure transaction
  • You can add your channels from the Roku channel store
  • You have to pay amount for the paid channels
  • Enjoy you streaming with Roku streaming player

You can contact to Roku Activation services for the help to roku issues.


How to carried Roku device easily whenever we go outside?

Roku is a streaming player provides streaming content through the internet. In earlier, Roku has launched various streaming player models such as Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Express+ and many more. These models are differentiated on the basis of performance and features. The similarity between every model is that the models can access more than 1000+ free channels as well as more paid channel.


List of Roku products-

  • Roku TV.
  • Roku Express.
  • Roku Express.
  • Roku Streaming stick.
  • Roku Premiere.
  • Roku Premiere +.
  • Roku Ultra.

List of features which is common to all the models-

  • Roku streaming player support full HD support.
  • Search across multiple content providers.
  • The mobile application is available for Android as well as the iOs device.
  • Shortcut buttons are present on the Roku remote for direct access.
  • Able to use this application wherever you go.

What you can do with Roku player?

  • Watch your favorite videos-

You can watch and follow your favorite videos. This is the difference between the other streaming players and the Roku streaming player. This allows the user to access free or paid channels according to the need of the user.

  • Listen to favorite music/audios-

Roku allows the user to audios as well. It includes Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music etc.

  • Enjoy game playing-

The user can access loads of games available on the Roku which is free as well as paid games like Sudoku, Jeopardy, Angry birds and much more. For more gaming usage, you need extra storage which comes only with the Roku 2, 3 and 4 models. These models have different slots for Micro SD cards.

Use anywhere:


If you are planning to carry Roku player with you for vacations then, this will possible to carry this device. Now, you can travel with your Roku player. This is very easy to carry your Roku device wherever you are traveling or plan for vacations. If you want to take Roku device with you then, the following point should be kept in your mind-

  • Proper internet bandwidth at the place where you staying??
  • How Roku will be connected to the Internet??
  • What you need?? A router or a laptop??
  • What type of TV will be present there??

If you are going to stay on your friend or relative’s home then, there is no need to worry. Most of the given questions you already were known. You know about the internet connection, TV, router etc which you can connect with your Roku device.

If you are going to stay in the hotel then you must have the password so that you can easily connect your Roku device with the Internet. With this, you can easily connect your Roku streaming player with the display device.

Setup of Roku Streaming Player

Following is the steps for Roku Setup-

  • Connect the Roku to your TV and plug it in.
  • Connect Roku to the internet.
  • Sign up for the Roku account.
  • Connect to content provider you want to use
  • Now fill the information as the asked for.
  • Continue to next step.
  • Agree with terms and conditions then, click finish.
  • Your Roku account will be created and give you the Roku Com Link Code.
  • Now enter the Roku code on www.roku.com/link and activate your account and use the Roku Streaming Player.

Instruction For Roku Account Activation

Instruction For Roku Account Activation:

  • When you want to use the Roku device then you have to activate the Roku account.
  • For activating Roku account follow quick start guide step that is always provided when you order for Roku device.
  • Read the instruction and connect with the internet and your home TV screen.
  • After making the connection with internet Roku player automatically download the essential software for your Roku device.
  • Once the essential software is installed, Roku activation link code is generated on your Roku device.
  • Notice this activation link code and visit www.roku.com/link website on any device that you use it may be the smart phone, laptop, personal computer, tablet and etc.
  • When you receive the Roku link code, enter into your website by click on submit button.
  • After this, you get some guidelines which instruct you build the new Roku activation account if you do not have the old one.
  • If you previously created have the existing account then entering your username and password to login your account.
  • Spend a pleasant time with your Roku device by the complete process of the Roku activation code.

For more Information please visit www.rokucomlinkhelp.com for instant help to activate the Roku account